Infectious Disease Exam Questions

for General Medicine Branch of English Parallel, Academic Year 2023/2024

Group 1

  1. Basic principles of anti-infective immunity
  2. Management of infectious disease department and principles of isolation
  3. High consequence infectious diseases
  4. Infectious disease councelling and antibiotic consultation
  5. Biomarkers of acute inflammation
  6. Collection and evaluation of blood cultures
  7. Lumbar puncture and examination of cerebrospinal fluid
  8. Symptomatic therapy of infectious diseases
  9. Principles of empiric antibiotic treatment
  10. Impact of microbial resistance on antibiotic choice
  11. Natural and anti-staphylococcal penicillins
  12. Aminopenicillins and anti-pseudomonal penicillins
  13. Cephalosporins
  14. Carbapenems
  15. Macrolides and azalides
  16. Lincosamides and rifampicin
  17. Aminoglycosides and chloramphenicol
  18. Fluoroquinolones
  19. Vancomycin, linezolid, and fidaxomicin
  20. Tetracyclines and metronidazole
  21. Nitrofurantoin and co-trimoxazole
  22. Antiviral therapy of herpes infections and influenza
  23. Antiviral therapy of viral hepatitis and HIV
  24. Systemic antifungals
  25. Types of vaccines, reactions and side effects after vaccination
  26. Mandatory routine vaccination of children
  27. Optional vaccination of children
  28. Vaccination of adults
  29. Vaccinations of professionals and during outbreaks
  30. Prevention of infectious diseases in travellers (including vaccination)
  31. Post-exposure prophylaxis (rabies, tetanus, varicella)

Group 2

  1. Differential diagnosis of acute tonsillopharyngitis
  2. Streptococcal tonsillopharyngitis and scarlet fever
  3. Infectious mononucleosis
  4. Differential diagnosis of infectious etiology of cough
  5. Influenza and acute upper respiratory tract diseases
  6. Covid-19 and other coronavirus infections
  7. Differential diagnosis of pneumonia
  8. Pneumonia caused by typical agents
  9. Atypical pneumonia
  10. Pneumonia in immunocompromised patients
  11. Differential diagnosis of diarrhea
  12. Alimentary intoxication
  13. Diarrheal diseases of viral origin
  14. Diarrheal diseases of bacterial origin
  15. Postantibiotic colitis
  16. Autochtonous intestinal parasitic infections
  17. Differential diagnosis of maculopapular rash
  18. Differential diagnosis of vesiculopustulous rash
  19. Manifestations of herpes simplex virus infection
  20. Chickenpox and shingles
  21. Measles and rubella
  22. Fifth and sixth disease, hand-foot-mouth syndrome
  23. Erysipelas and cellulitis
  24. Differential diagnosis of febrile illness
  25. Differential diagnosis of meningeal syndrome
  26. Serous meningoencephalitis
  27. Tick-borne meningoencephalitis
  28. Lyme disease
  29. Purulent meningitis
  30. Invasive pneumococcal disease
  1. Invasive meningococcal disease
  2. Acute polyradiculoneuritis and facial palsy
  3. Differential diagnosis of jaundice
  4. Differential diagnosis of viral hepatitis
  5. Acute viral hepatitis
  6. Chronic hepatitis
  7. Liver abscess and liver echinococcosis
  8. Natural course of HIV infection and follow-up of HIV-positive patients
  9. Opportunistic infections and tumors in patients with AIDS
  10. Transplacental infections
  11. Pediatric infectious diseases in adulthood
  12. Herpetic gingivostomatitis and mumps
  13. Differential diagnosis of lymphadenopathy
  14. Zoonoses causing lymphadenopathy
  15. Tick-borne infections
  16. Diagnosis and antibiotic treatment of urinary tract infections
  17. Infections in patients with impaired cellular and antibody immunity
  18. Febrile neutropenia and infection in patients after splenectomy
  19. Healthcare-associated infections
  20. Infectious diseases in intensive care
  21. Infectious diseases of diabetics, elderly patients and pregnant women
  22. Sepsis and septic shock
  23. Infective endocarditis
  24. Fever of unknown origin
  25. Traveller's diarrhea and imported intestinal parasitoses
  26. Skin lesions in travelers
  27. Differential diagnosis of febrile conditions in tropics and subtropics
  28. Malaria
  29. Dengue fever
  30. Typhoid fever
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