The Department of Infectious Diseases is a common workplace of all three Prague medical faculties, the Institute of Graduates' Education in Health Care (IPVZ) and Hospital Na Bulovce (NNB).

     Therapeutic activities are concentrated particularly on the diarrhoeal diseases, infections of the nervous system (including meningococcal invasive disease and Lyme borreliosis), viral and bacterial acute respiratory infections and subsequent conditions, viral hepatitis and differential diagnosis of liver diseases, parasitic infections, HIV infection/AIDS, sepsis and infective endocarditis, travel infections (typhoid fever, malaria and others), zoonoses, fungal diseases etc.

     Patients with infectious diseases have both standard and intensive care (including support of vital functions and renal replacement methods).

      Departments are dealing with pedagogical activities (pre-graduate and post-graduate education, education of foreign students). Doctors are authors of many lectures and papers published in the Czech Republic and abroad. The department is solving many grant projects and drug trials.
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