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Doc. MUDr. Hanuš Rozsypal, CSc.

PhDr. Božena Zachovalová

Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases,
First Faculty of Medicine,
Charles University and University Hospital Bulovka
Budínova 2
Praha 8
180 81
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 266082717
E-mail: bozena.zachovalova@

Interdisciplinary Principles of Infectious Diseases

D. Veselý, Sep-23-2022

New elective subject for English speaking students attending their 5th or 6th year is being launched this year: Interdisciplinary Principles of Infectious Diseases.

Due to our students being quite often interested in more profound knowledge in the field of infectious diseases which is regularly demanded in healthcare systems abroad, we aim to formalize otherwise frequently demanded individual training by introducig the course of „Interdisciplinary Principles of Infectious Diseses“.

The course will be heavily oriented towards differential diagnostics, consultation and HIV medicine. Attendance of 20 hours typically consisting of 5 afternoon courses at the Dept. Of Infectious Diseases of Teaching Hospital Bulovka during summer semester will be required. We prefer small number of participants (1-5) to enable highly individualised teaching.

Test results and case completions

H. Rozsypal, Jan-23-2022

Dear students, colleagues,

Thank you for your participation of three-week course and for sending the completed tests and case studies.

The test undoubtedly helped you to classify knowledge about hepatitis. Compare your answers with correct solutions

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Specification of conditions for obtaining credit

H. Rozsypal, Jan-17-2022

Dear students, colleagues,

The Dean’s Office of the First Faculty of Medicine strongly recommends to reduce the attendance education where exam period takes place in other faculties of the Charles University. That is why the planned ward rounds are cancelled in the week from 17 to 21 January, 2022. To comprehend the educational materials in the study subject and adequate preparation for oral exam, it is necessary to transfer the core of the study to your own preparation.


Prázdná posluchárna ÚVI


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New lectures for distant teaching recorded at the website

H. Rozsypal, Jan-04-2022


  • Dr. Jilich: HIV Disease - Epidemiology, Care for HIV Positive Persons and Prophylaxis
  • Dr. Richterová: Diagnosis of Parasitic Infections in the Czech Republic and Abroad

are now available at this website from the current timetable.


Lectures dated Wednesday, March 3, 2021 recorded in MS Teams

H. Rozsypal, Mar-02-2021


  • Dr. Jilich: HIV Disease - Epidemiology, Care for HIV Positive Persons and Prophylaxis
  • Dr. Richterová: Diagnosis of Parasitic Infections in the Czech Republic and Abroad

have been loaded in MS Teams, under the Files tab, folder "Recordings".


E-learning also for students of the English Parallel

H. Rozsypal, Feb-22-2021

Dear students, dear colleagues,

As part of improving the quality of teaching and supplementing the curriculum with practical aspects, we are opening up e-learning course also for students of English Parallel. On this page, you will find a number of case studies that primarily provide suggestions for a better understanding of the discussed issues and finally allow a feedback to see how you understand the subject matter and where something needs to be explained. The length of the text will depend on our time conditions. The form of case studies is not just a simple translation of an original Czech text, but in addition the structure reflects both Czech and English language practice in professional medical documentation.

I should like to thank particularly to dr. Zachovalová for invaluable help in solving complexities of the language and for cooperation in formal processing of teaching materials.


Three-week block courses for English Parallel groups 4053 and 4054

H. Rozsypal, Feb-18-2021

Dear students, dear colleagues,

Welcome to our website of the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the Bulovka University Hospital. In cooperation with the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Military University Hospital we have prepared 3-week block courses through MS Teams or asynchronous lectures in a distant form. The present situation is reflected in various resctrictions and limitations.

To get more knowledge from the subject Infectious Diseases, there are presented detailed case studies. Their study will be a part of distant courses. Many lectures are presented in the SIS System, some of them are in this website and some of them are available through MS Teams or in the server Follow the instructions in this e-learning course (English Parallel groups 4053 and 4054) in the timetables where you can find the schedule of on-line courses, instructions for credit and examinations. Oral ID examinations will be held in a present form (not through Skype or any other distant media) at both sites Bulovka University Hospital and Military University Hospital, Střešovice. There will be some references to study materials and concrete tasks which you should fulfill and then send on the e-mail address Their solution is a condition for credit.

Infectious Disease Medicine Exams during the State of Emergency

H. Rozsypal, Mar-25-2020

Dear students,

Below is the information concerning teaching at the First Faculty of Medicine, decided upon the conclusion of Dean's Board meeting of March 16, 2020. The Rector of the Charles University banned, effective March 16, 2020 (depending on current state of emergency declared by the government) all forms of individual teaching, including individual consultations. All teaching must be delivered solely through distance means. The Rector prohibited all forms of examination. Long-distance ID examinations are not possible in our conditions. The examination period will be modified so that it will last throughout the month of July, and then in September until at least September 18, 2020.
   Follow the instructions of ID examinations in the SIS and at the Faculty web site. We cannot predict dramatical changes in organization of education.

Face mask ffp3


Infectious Disease Medicine Exams in Study Year 2019/2020

H. Rozsypal, Mar-13-2020

Dear students,

The information reflects the Czech government declaring a state of emergency on Thursday, March 12, 2020, beginning at 14h00 and to last 30 days, a response to the health crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus. This decision affected all education activities.

Lectures and ward rounds were cancelled, however, at the ID Department at the Na Bulovce Hospital, the exams may be passed by all those students who fulfill study, health, and epidemiological criteria:

  1. They attended seminars and ward rounds at least 10 days of the three-week course.
  2. Do not have symptoms of the acute respiratory disease.
  3. Did not visit risk areas within the past two weeks and were not exposed to the persons affected by COVID-19.
This concerns the English parallel students of groups 4052 and 4054.

On the contrary, the exams scheduled at the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Military Hospital (groups 4051, 4053 and Erasmus) were cancelled. To receive the credit, you can send a copy of presence card to Dr. Beran's e-mail:

We are continuing to monitor developments and will inform you without delay about new steps should the situation change. Thank you for your understanding.


Timetables of the Infectious Disease Course, 4th study year, Programme General Medicine and Dentistry, Czech and English Parallel, study year 2022/2023. The start of courses of each block in ID´s will be always at the lecture room at the Training Center of the Military University Hospital, Prague 6.

Ward rounds are held at the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases Teaching Hospital Bulovka (building 7, entrance for staff and medical students in 2nd floor) and at the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Military University Hospital (building E, entrance E7, directions).



You can now find the e-learning course for study groups 4053 and 4054 to which we want to supplement the canceled full-time teaching to a certain extent...

v době epidemie covidu-19


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Insinuator medicamentorum

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