Test results and case completions

H. Rozsypal, Jan-23-2022

Empty auditorium ÚVI

Dear students, colleagues,

Thank you for your participation of three-week course and for sending the completed tests and case studies.

The test undoubtedly helped you to classify knowledge about hepatitis. Compare your answers with correct solutions

You have solved the image quiz on rash illnesses, except for details, successfully. The correct answers are here. We somewhat accept diagnosis of impetigo (case No 4) because it is clinically indistinguishable from herpetic eczema.

We found that the case studies were not difficult for you. We believe they have fulfilled their purpose. They acquainted you with the procedure for making a diagnosis. The diagnosis of the case No 1 was explicitly named. You can compare your answers with the model solution here in the preliminary elaboration of case studies No 1 and 2. You can find closing of the case No 3 here.

We wish you success in passing the examination. Have a nice time.


We look forward to our meeting.

Your teachers   

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