Specification of conditions for obtaining credit

H. Rozsypal, Jan-17-2022

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Dear students, colleagues,

The Dean’s Office of the First Faculty of Medicine strongly recommends to reduce the attendance education where exam period takes place in other faculties of the Charles University. That is why the planned ward rounds are cancelled in the week from 17 to 21 January, 2022. To comprehend the educational materials in the study subject and adequate preparation for oral exam, it is necessary to transfer the core of the study to your own preparation.

As it is not possible to evaluate the attendance of students at lectures and ward rounds as a condition for credit, and the grasping of the subject by a student is insufficient after only three-week course (for objective and subjective reasons), we decided (based on communication with teachers of our two work sites), to specify an additional condition for credit. Students shall solve the test, quiz and three case reports. The assigments can be found on the web site:

Therefore, we have changed the order of lectures on Monday and on Wednesday. On Monday you watched lectures on nervous system infections and rash illnesses that will allow you to pass the test as well as the picture quiz. We tolerate several mistakes unless they indicate deeper misunderstanding and lack of education, or gaps in your knowledge.

Send your answers by e-mail to reply@infektologie.cz. To receive credit in time send answers up to Thursday, Jan-20-2022. Correct answers and completions of case studies will be published later to compare your opinions with the actual outcome.

You can optionally read other case reports:


At the moment we wish you good health.

Your teachers   

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